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Announcing Upgrade Released

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New requested features have been added and future support of Raspberry Pi 4 for the server.

  • Added ability to automatically switch to a live feed (news, football game, chapel services etc) at a recurring scheduled date/time.  Stream from a satellite feed, set-top box, camera or cell phone.  
  • Added built in update checking
  • Improved, more logical interface
  • Improved manual selection of content on TVs.  Made it so only relevant options are viewable.
  • Polished graphics, colors and further optimized for mobile environment.
  • Upgraded OS to Linux 10 (Buster) to eventually support Raspberry Pi 4 as a server (not yet officially supported)
    • The new Pi 4 is absolutely a game changer for TVs4Jesus.  While not yet tested (its ordered and on its way to us), the specs show that it should be able to deliver 3x the number of simultaneous streams as the current Pi 3B+.  It has USB 3, full gigabit network card and an independent bus for communication between the two.  This removes the roughly 220mbit/sec limitation in previous generations and boosts it to 1000mbit/sec.  Still the same price too!  Once we fully test the Pi 4, we will release another update with all the most up-to-date patches applied in the coming months.  Stay tuned!
  • This free upgrade available now on with detailed upgrade instructions.  You can also download the 399MB upgrade file in smaller chunks for those of you with Internet connectivity challenges.
  • Plan for 1 hour of downtime for upgrade.