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Announcing Feature Upgraded version of TVs4Jesus ver

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We are happy to announce the release of TVs4Jesus ver  This is an upgrade based on requested features by the many hospitals that are putting TVs4Jesus through its paces!   The biggest improvement is the web-remote.  This allows users that you authorize (by username and password) to remotely control TVs with a smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop etc.  This eliminates the need for a physical remote control and allows the people in charge around the TV the ability to override the default playlist,  fast-forward, change the volume and the like.  The remote gives real time feedback of the effects of button presses so many times the user doesn't even need to see the TV to make changes.  Other fixes include simplifying many screens throughout the program, better user input checking, and the validation of live feeds before switching over to them.  Many of the admin portal screens are now optimized for mobile screens.

Download the installer and updated installation guide here.

Do you know a mission hospital that could benefit from TVs4Jesus.  Please connect us today!