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TVs4Jesus live in Douala  


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January 11, 2019 11:36 am  

TVs4Jesus is now live in Douala on TVs and Wi-Fi!  Over the last few months, four hospitals in the Cameroon Baptist Convention were among the first to place orders.  Each of these hospitals paid for all their TVs (which they mostly already had) and 50% of the cost of the TVs4Jesus hardware.  The other 50% was covered by donations from TVs4Jesus’s generous donor base.  All the components were hand-carried out by a friend who happened to be returning from the United States.  After months of work with each hospital to design a solution, on January 1st  2019, TVs4Jesus traveled and began work with the first hospital located in Douala.  Their electrician, Sherard and his team did a fantastic job of running all the cables beforehand.  I was pleased to find everything in order exactly as Sherard had described it from our numerous email conversations.  Over the next 5 days, we were able to install the entire system with ease.  By the end of day 5 we had 9 working TVs with plans to add 5 more, TVs4Jesus Wi-Fi at every TV location, ability to broadcast live video streams from a cell phone and remote control via the Internet.  A TVs4Jesus tablet was given to the chaplain team to loan out to patients as an additional tool that could be used.  A substantial amount of time was spent with the hospital staff to familiarize them with how to use the system.  Both medical staff and the chaplains expressed interest in creating their own original content.  This team was shown how easy it is using their smart phones.  Now we just pray that God will use these TVs to share the Gospel, teach and encourage all who watch.  We look forward to the three other hospitals coming online in January with TVs4Jesus.