Reaching Hard to Reach People Groups

The hospital is a place where nearly every tribe and nation come to be healed.  It is an amazing opportunity to share the gospel with people groups that rarely mix in a way that compassionately cares for both their physical and spiritual needs.

TVs4Jesus digitally streams wholesome content to any TV at the hospital without using the Internet.  It plays any content you want so each screen can have customized content based on its location.  For example, an eye clinic could have a playlist of short gospel stories, quick bible study clips, eye-care advice, and Christian music videos.  All content would be in the appropriate language or languages.

TVs4Jesus is an open source, free software product that anyone can download and use.



Regular TVs are installed in various areas of the hospital such as waiting rooms or wards.  A playlist of content is then created for that specific TV using an easy-to-use web interface.  The playlist then loops indefinitely.  Patients can also watch any of your content on their mobile devices using the built in Wifi.


Free and high-quality content exists already including the ‚ÄúJesus Film‚ÄĚ in 1656 languages, African-contextualized content, children's content, music videos and much, much more. This content can all be downloaded from the Internet one time then served from the system without Internet.¬† You can also use your own media or stream live video from your campus.



Ballpark total costs of complete systems including 43" TVs and basic WiFi are:

  • $2100* USD for a small, four TV system
  • $3600* USD for a medium, eight TV system
  • $7200* USD for a large, sixteen TV system with multiple buildings

*Add shipping, handling, tax, and customs if applicable.  All parts are purchased directly from vendors.  (TVs4Jesus is not involved in any transaction and doesn't make any money).

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