Ready to buy?  Make sure to use our Design Wizard so you will know what to get.  Below are links to Amazon "Idea Lists" which are a bunch of products put on a single list.  You will need to buy everything on each list that the design wizard recommends.  For example, if you need 4 TV Kits, you will need to buy everything on the TV Kit 4 times (on the Amazon page, click on each picture then click the "Add To Cart" button).  We have tested these products and verified they work together.  Don't forget to buy TVs from your own supplier.


Core Parts Kit
(One per Location)

  • 500GB SSD Pi4 Server with 8 port PoE Switch
  • Connect up to 8 TVs (or 16 with the Expansion Kit)
  • Server can run at least 16 TVs and 10 Wi-Fi users concurrently at 1080 HD resolution

~$230 USD

HDMI TV Kit -or- Analog TV Kit
(One per TV)

  • Pi 3B+ with Gigabit PoE Splitter and either HDMI cable or analog composite cable.
  • (Does not include TV)

~$75 USD

International 230v UPS Kit
(One per Switch)

  • One required for each switch to prevent damage from improper shutdowns, surges and low/high voltage.
  • Must be plugged into a properly grounded outlet for lightning protection

~$100 USD

  • Allows you to make custom length Cat6 Ethernet cables up to a sum of 1000ft (each cable must be less than 300ft)
  • Comes with cable, heads,¬†crimper and strippers
  • May be cheaper if purchased directly through

~$135 USD

  • Each Raspberry Pi acts as a wifi access point but their range is limited.¬†¬†Add additional high powered wifi access so visitors can connect and watch your content over their mobile devices and in locations where TVs aren't near-by.¬† This does not enable your visitors to connect to the Internet.
  • You will need an ethernet cable between the switch and this unit.
  • Note that each wifi unit will use one of the ports on your switch. Thus: (Total Number of Wifi APs) plus (Total Number of TVs) must be less than or equal to 8 (or 16 with a "Building Expansion Kit").

~$100 USD

  • Adds a second 8 port switch over fiber (required for separate buildings or more than 8 TVs/APs)
  • For lengths of fiber greater than 300M, you will need to buy two lengths summing to your distance and buy a coupler¬†to link them together.¬† Max distance is 550M.

Starts at ~$127 USD
(depending on length of fiber)

  • Allows patients on demand access to content off a TVs4Jesus system by Wi-Fi, and/or preload it with media content.
  • Secures to patients bed by lock and has a foam cover to protect it from drops.
  • The procedure to lock the tablet down has only been tested on 7th Generation tablets with FireOS of 5.6.2 and less.

~$85-$120 USD
(Amazon has special deals occasional on these tablets, buy one get one free, the kid's edition with warranty and cover)

  • HDMI Encoder $157 - Allows a feed from Satellite or Cable (anything that uses an HDMI out) to be played on the TVs4Jesus system.
  • HDMI Splitter $24 - Allows a single Pi to simultaneously feed up to 4 TVs with the same cloned video.¬† If you plan on having the same exact feed in the same or nearby areas, use this to save money by reducing the number of Pis you need.¬† Your distance will be limited by the length of HDMI cable you can use.

Misc. Parts

  • Remote Control $10 (optional functionality) - Allows personnel to temporarily override and select programming on each TV
  • Ethernet PoE Lightning Protection¬†$26 - Use on any Ethernet line that goes between buildings or is widely exposed to an open sky.¬† Must connect to proper ground for protection.¬† This package includes a small Ethernet cable and is PoE compatible.
  • Velcro Ties¬†-¬†Used to tidy up Pi to TV cables
  • Velcro Tape¬†-¬†Used to attach Pi to back of TV