TVs4Jesus is a powerful tool to get the gospel out at your mission hospital, but is it the best solution for you? TVs4Jesus is concerned with effective evangelism not necessary a certain way of doing it. Sometimes a better solution is to simply buy an in-country DVD player with USB (or this or this) and plug it into a TV rather than going with a TVs4Jesus system. (Be sure to buy an SD card, USB stick and HDMI cable as needed). Below is a comparison to see why this may or may not be a better solution for you.

Summary ComparisonTVs4JesusDVD-USB Player/HDMI Player
Central (and remote Internet) management with web interface yesno
Features designed for mission hospitals manynone
Solves common mission hospital TV challenges yesno
Requires technicians and technical installersyes no
Number of TVs to make practical sense4+less than 5
Financial assistance available yesno
Cost per TV$150 $52-$200
Detailed ComparisonTVs4JesusDVD-USB Player/Media Player
Central (and remote Internet) management yesno
Automatically verify if all TVs operational yesno
Adding new content easydifficult
Arranging content for individual or groups of TVs easydifficult or not possible
Level of technical understanding to operate dailymedium-low low
Maintenance persontechnical untrained
Who can change what’s playing username/passwordanyone that has remote
If TV turned off or power outage no intervention required, pauses/plays where left offmanually restart
Wifi network available to patients on mobile devices all content on system on demandnone
Plays satellite/cable TV on a schedule (news/sports) yesno
Streams camera from cell phone to TVs for announcements, church services yesno
Statistics gathering yesno
Playlists yesrarely but some do
Customize content per TV easydifficult
Access cell phone remote, web interface, remote controlremote control
Minimum Number of TVs to Make Practical Sense4 1
Maximum Number of TVs to Make Practical Sense unlimited4
Point at which you’ve outgrown solution can’t4 TVs
Initial setupneeds technical person layman
Number of UPS needed 1 for whole systemeach TV location
Cost per TV$150 $52-$200