TVs4Jesus has made it easy to get up and running.  A Design Wizard, step-by-step detailed instructions, installation videos, email and blog support and direct links for purchases are all available should you need them.  Ready?  Let's get started with an overview...

Basic Required Parts

  1. TVs
  2. TVs4Jesus Kits
  3. Free Software and Video Content

1. Acquire

Use the Design Wizard to find out exactly what you need.  Buy TVs and Parts Kits using links.  Download free software and video content.

2. Assemble

Follow the TVs4Jesus instructions to assemble the parts.  Mount TVs in locations such as waiting rooms or wards.  Connect server to them with switches and ethernet cable.

3. Customize Content

Devices autoconfigure for easy installation.  Simply create a playlist for your TVs using the included web interface.

Who Should Install TVs4Jesus

Installing TVs4Jesus can be easy in its basic form or complex in its full capacity.  It can be built as a stand-alone system (easy) or integrated with your existing network (more complex).  We recommend that the installer be comfortable with computers and mounting TVs and have a basic knowledge of networking/running cables.  A decent Internet connection to download content one time is required.

What's Next: Get Started with TVs4Jesus

Find what parts you'll need, download the complete installation guide and all the files you'll need.