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Announcing Upgrade Released

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Download the update here!

After nearly a 9 month wait, TVs4Jesus can now run on Pi4 as a server.  While Pi4 was released months ahead of schedule, a critical component for TVs4Jesus wasn't written until recently. 

Why should you care about the Pi4?  It is significantly more powerful.  How much?  Well, in practice we're not sure because we've never been able to max it out.  The theoretical max number of simultaneous TVs and wifi streamers has increased to over 300 in ideal circumstances (vs 70 with the Pi3B+ Server).  This is important because for hospitals with large number of TVs and large number of users watching streaming content on their mobile devices, the 70 limit was limiting.  Some locations needed two servers which increased costs and made managing the system more work.  

The update also contains numerous small enhancements requested by you:

  • On the web remote screen, you can now click on the item playing (next to “Playing:”) and it will bring up the entire playlist
  • You can now just click on a selection on this list and the system will start playing from there.


  • Can I upgrade to this even if I don't have a Pi4?  Yes.  It is compatible with both Pi3B+ and Pi4 without modification.
  • Will this upgrade delete my settings?  No, but it is a good idea to backup your database and video files just in case.  Read the upgrade docs for details.
  • Can I upgrade my TVs4Jesus system remotely?  You would need someone onsite who can physically swap SSD and SD drives for you during the process.
  • Is this free?  Yes, always.
  • How do I get a Pi4?  See the updated parts kits here.  Be sure to get a Pi4 case WITH FAN.  
  • Can I use Pi4 as Pi TV Clients too?  No.  Pi4 cannot be used as TV clients yet.  The OSMC still doesn't support it even with manual updating.
  • Should I buy the Pi4 with lots of memory?  No, it makes no difference.  The Pi Server operations aren't memory intensive.  The 2GB version has been tested, and it doesn't use even a fraction of the memory.

Questions?  Feel free email us directly or if it pertains to everyone in the forums.