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Announcing Upgrade Released

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This release is predominately optimization and bug fixes for numerous issues that appeared after switching to the newest version of Linux.  Among the main fixes are:

  1. Video/audio playback over Wifi has been optimized so movies load faster
  2. Uploading content to server is faster for large files
  3. Fixed bug which prevents AWstats from working correctly.  Page now updates every 30 minutes.
  4. Fixed upgrader which was causing some bugs on upgrade
  5. Updated all repos to latest releases which where numerous because of recent Buster release
  6. Interface clarification

Please note that this release still isn't tested with the Raspberry Pi 4 yet although it in theory should work without modification as a server.  It will not work with a Pi 4 as a TV Pi yet.  We are still waiting for some projects to update their software before we can certify this to work properly.  Stay Tuned.

We ask that all TVs4Jesus users upgrade to this release as soon as convenient.  

Go to to get this free upgrade.